Paul Anand


Is Professor of Economics Decision Sciences and Philosophy at the Open University, and Research Associate in Health Economics at Oxford University. He holds a doctorate from Oxford University in the area of economics and philosophy. He currently teaches economics, and conducts a research on the measurement and analysis of life quality using a Sen-Nussbaum capability approach. In the past he has taught and researched at Oxford, York and Cambridge Universities, and has acted as a consultant for the OECD and UK’s National Health Service. He also has made significant contributions to the foundations of utility theory (Rational Choice Under Risk) published by Oxford University Press and over the past 15 years has been director of the capability measurement project which was one of the first to develop direct measures of human capabilities which can be used to broaden considerably the Human Development Index. He is currently completing a short popular book entitled ‘Happiness Explained’, is the Trustee of a UK charity that supports research dissemination and use. He lives in Oxford with his partner and two children.